DC Master Adia Mechanic Cooler and Development Process

There are two different types of DC Master Adia Mechanic Cooler. These two types require different designs. One is “connected from the ceiling”, that is, the unit is located on the ceiling of the data center and suction and blowing directly downwards. The other is “wall-connected”, that is, the unit is located on any wall of the data centre and it directly blows and sucks. The underlying reason for developing this device is; IT products in the data center produce a lot of heat and therefore provide a solution to the efficient cooling need.

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The name of DC Master Adia Mechanic Cooler comes from cooling with 3 methods.

One of these methods is “free cooling”. DC Master Adia Mechanic Cooler performs free cooling during periods of climatic conditions, provides cooling by passing the outside air through the heat recovery exchanger and the indoor air through the other line of the exchanger.

“Indirect Adiabatic Cooling”, another method, is provided by evaporation of water by spraying water into the air. In this way, the temperature of the outside air approaches the wet bulb temperature. Thanks to the heat recovery exchanger, the air of the data center is cooled by an indirect method. While the outside temperature is around 20-25 ° C, wet bulb temperature can be around 16-17 ° C. If a temperature of 16-17 ° C is reached, it is possible to cool the return air from 36 ° C up to 24 ° C.

The third method is “mechanical cooling” using compressor and refrigerant.

The most distinctive aspect of DC Master Adia Mechanic Cooler from the air handling unit: Automation Software and Algorithm

The Windows-based BOREAS DC Master Selection Software allows us to calculate the pPUE value for the selected weather condition, bringing together low pPUE and low operating costs at the optimum point. We can calculate the DC Master's overall performance data, temperature data and approaches to data center design criteria for temperature and humidity conditions of a specific environment, as well as we ensure that our automation system works accordingly, and we verify this data in our test laboratory. At the center of our automation system is the PLC control panel supported by touch screen. Thanks to our algorithm, we can provide the targeted temperature and humidity in a short time without causing temperature fluctuations.

DC Master Adia Mechanic Cooler performs dehumidification without disrupting cooling task

To reduce energy expenditures in data centers, PUE should be kept low. In our DC Master Adia Mechanic Cooler, we use the highest efficiency EC motor fans and high-COP compressors to keep pPUE low. We also use heat recovery exchangers with high sealing and tested at 2000 Pa.

Humidification may be required in some special cases in data centers. Optional dehumidification and humidification functions are also available in the DC Master. Humidification is done by steam humidifier.

Thanks to a special design for the dehumidification function, we also ensured that DC Master Adia Mechanic Cooler dehumidifies without disrupting the cooling task.

Boreas A.Ş. Deputy General Manager İzzet Tanyol

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