BOREAS Concealed Ceiling Fan Coil Units are designed with 2 and 4 pipes. In total there are 32 different types with right / left service access direction options.

It is suitable for air duct and free air intake / air discharge applications. BCC-Low-FSP Series products are suitable for external static pressure range 0-30 Pa. Thanks to its low body weight and rigid body structure, it has compact dimensions and operates quietly. Also, BOREAS Concealed Ceiling Fan Coil Units are very useful for suspended ceiling applications such as concealed ceilings, inverted ceilings and narrow ceilings.

Washable and easily serviceable air filter is standard on all products. There is a standard self-insulated plastering type corner weldless drain pan suitable for 2-3 way motorized valve applications. The interior of the drain pan is specially painted to increase corrosion resistance.

Centrifugal densely bladed, forward curved bladed fans are balanced statically and dynamically. Mono phase electric motors are used and motors have 4 speed stages as standard.

Service and connection directions can be easily changed for BCC-Low-FSP series. Room thermostats can be mechanical or electronic type. Besides, it provides maximum usage flexibility and ease of installation thanks to its accessories such as on / off valve and 2-3 motorized valve and copper pipe connection kit.

Condensation Pan :

The specially designed condensation pan is one piece and fully covers the coil. The inner surface is specially coated against corrosion.

Heat Exchanger Purge and Pipe Connection :

In order to discharge the air occurred in the coil, there is a easily accessible and easily opened air vent switch.
The coil collector is housed with a special sheet metal. In this way, contra-connection can be made in a very comfortable way.

Filter :

The filters can be removed from the right and left sides of the unit and are also washable.

Motor :

Fancoil motors have bearing housing and have a long service life. The sound level is very low due to this bearing housing and the insulation used in the fan-motor section.